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Today it is Easter Sunday 2015 – a very significant day. Today I reflect and celebrate on a very different Easter weekend way back when in the time of 1980.

April 5th 1980 fell on a Saturday and was comfortably nestled in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I had turned 21 three days previously (OK cat out of bag re my age) and I woke with a sense of a new beginning. This was the day of our wedding. The all-pervading memory of that day is one of happiness and yellow. Daffodils, the daffodils came out in bloom and the church grounds were bedecked with the beauty of this simple, hardy and symbolic bloom.

What a 35 years they have been! To look back now and reflect on the trillions of memories and happy times that started on that day is an awesome privilege and I am blessed in my memories. I am also blessed in that many people from that day are still with me, maybe not physically here in Tanzania but in my heart. I am truly blessed for my friends and true family.

2013-12-31 16.00.37
Christmas with the Grandkids 2012

Today, I stand alone, having lost the remarkable man who stood at my side that day to the great end game of life – death, three years, two months and three days ago. But today I stand tall and strong and today, on this significant day, I can say with 99.99% surety and honesty that I am able and ready to move forward. A significant day indeed.

So, you ask yourselves what does this have to with Benjamin Button? For those that may not have had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin I suggest you make it a priority to watch the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as soon as you can. I love the film and have watched it many times! But, in a nutshell it has to do with growing younger with each passing year!

I know, I know, everyone reaching “that time of life” starts to make the same statement and it is all old hat but… for me on this significant day I can truly stand by the new and reformed About Me page that I have posted. Take a peek and you will see the relevance of the phrases in italics. These are all new statements from me and welcome ones.

Ten years shaved off my life yep, my time here in Tanzania has done that and I am truly grateful to my life in Tanzania for that gift. There are those that would prefer I tell this tale the other way round and say that the events of my life from 2006 onwards added ten years. I care little about the semantics and I stand by my forty something declaration!

The point is that today I can stand tall and reflect with only tears of happiness in my eyes and I think I am right in that today, the counting the loss finally stops. Now I will stop counting in terms of time of loss and reflect on times of happiness. Today I move forward with my life carrying a suitcase full of happy memories and no regrets.



2013-10-30 14.31.03-1
Inspiration for Street Kids Don’t have Birthdays
2013-11-30 20.10.47
G and Salma from Amani
2014-02-10 11.12.57
Amani Kids
2014-02-10 11.13.35
Amani Kids
2014-04-05 14.21.43
Birthday 2014
2014-04-16 10.52.21
Innocent – Amani
Sponsored kids end of 2014
2014-08-15 10.01.12
Good Hope interns Schola and Yvonne
2014-05-16 11.03.40
Schola Richard and Michael – Good Hope
2014-04-19 07.41.59
Easter 2014 such fun!
2014-04-16 13.02.21
Mary – Amani
Learning to cook tortilla at Gill’s place – Richard and Zuhura Good Hope
My very good friend Daphne
Jen's birthday at GH (33)
Teacher Jen, house mate Jen and friend Jen
Good Hope – Mama Oliver and Yona



2013-10-24 12.14.09
Mama Oliver – Life blood of Good Hope




Zawadi – Taxi driver, friend of Good Hope and me
Laura Michaels and Salimu
Laura with Michael, Salimu and Maiku

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  1. Hi! I saw the movie Benjamin Button. Interesting reference. Thank you for visiting my site this weekend. I’m glad you liked my post “How to get loyal visitors to repeatedly return…” Nice to meet you.

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