So Gill, what’s it all about?

Looking back over the entries of this journal of my new life, I find the above question screaming at me, you guys must be getting impatient by now waiting for the answer. Let’s give it a go together and see what we come up with.

Join me on a brief definition of life a per pro Gill/Teacher Gilly/Madame Jelly/Mama Africa and the latest accolade I was greeted with yesterday – Madame Bibi, (Madame Grandmother!!!).




Good Hope aims to provide a comprehensive community support programme to the HIV/AIDS affected, sick, lonely, vulnerable and poverty-stricken within the local Majengo and neighbouring districts.

It aims to provide and promote love and support in the community.

Good Hope does this in two ways – education and home visits:

Watching them grow up into super cool young people with an education
Watching them grow up into super cool young people with an education
Personal fave
Tomorrow's generation
Tomorrow’s generation


Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015
Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015
Random acts of kindness - DESKS at last
Random acts of kindness – DESKS at last
Happiness and joy with newborn Daniel
Fun and Joy
SOME of the 35 sponsored kids in education programmes
A few of the 35 sponsored kids now in education programmes


  • 18-year-old HIV positive orphan thrown out of  the family home when pregnancy discovered.
  • Possible ADHD symptoms confused with autism.
  • Kids who walk for three hours each way to get to Good Hope just because “I need education.”
  • Saying goodbye to one of the longest attending students at Good Hope as he embarks on a secondary school education 4 years after finishing primary school.
  • Taking a 19-year-old girl away from her year old baby to return to education in a private boarding school.
  • Hearing impairment defined as deafness and future career choices limited to vocational training as a carpenter or mechanic despite academic achievements.
  • Kids that write thank you notes that promise to study hard and mean it.
  • Kids left with grandmothers after father’s die and mother’s flee, only then to lose grandmother and be passed to aunt’s who already have 4 or 5 children of their own and can’t cope.
  • Communities with little or no funds that willingly chip in toward the cost of a child’s education when asked to.
  • An education system that doesn’t recognise the talent and ability of the kids it excludes from its schools.
  • Families with nothing who ask for nothing and yet share their little food willingly and sincerely.
  • Guardians and educators who use sticks on their wards.
  • Kids that watch movies for the first time in their lives on volunteer’s lap tops or I – pads.
  • Kids who are HIV positive from birth.

Right now Good Hope is what it’s all about for me. I am truly blessed to have been able to stay within the project for nigh on a year. That length of time has created a stability within the organisation that is much-needed. I can honestly say I have helped, and will continue to help, to make a difference.

I could not have done this without the love and support of family and friends, both new and old. The kindness and generosity of people that I have witnessed since being in Tanzania is truly amazing and restores my faith in the goodness of mankind. Pick up your daily newspaper and scan the front page, I challenge you. Does that inspire you to believe in the intrinsic goodness and ability to love and give within us all?

The writing is here and is a massive part of my life but for the moment my work at Good Hope is where I am at and I am very happy to be here. I am also very happy and content knowing that I have a flight booked to return to Norway in July to see my wonderful son, daughter in law and family.

After that …

Crazy lady
Dotty Old Bat


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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