You know when the little guy slays the big one?

Come on be honest, you get that smug feeling that tightens the muscles in your belly and makes you smirk.


A smirk is a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness definition courtesy of Wikipedia image to satisfy my own quirky tastes!


Carla front row far right and hubby back row centre



Well that’s how I feel about my friend Carla.


Here I am spouting about life long ambitions and a calling to be a writer, I post on these hallowed pages and have contacts with many writing buddies and we all labour and toil and cry and scream and shout and celebrate and generally make a lot of noise about the craft we attempt to perfect. Then along comes Carla, who announces probably mid June 2013 that in some insane way I have inspired her to start scribbling.

Yep scribbling that’s what she called it.

images (1)


To write hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form. To cover with careless or worthless writings or drawings again courtesy of Wikipedia

In November of 2013 I was honoured and proud to receive a first draft of the ongoing project and it marked my life forever. Never again will I enter a bathroom in Tanzania without an embedded fear of the Baboon Spider. Every time I say goodbye, as an expat, to a wonderful new person that has entered my life as a transient volunteer I reflect on Carla’s scribbling and I know she will understand the tears in my heart.

American sister Laura
My new English sister Daphne




Carla’s scribbling was in my humble opinion, amusing, funny, well written, has a strong voice, is easy to read and reflects life in Tanzania as an ex pat perfectly. Her English (she being Dutch and used to unpronounceable words and a ridiculous cohesion of consonants as a norm) is excellent but is written as she would speak, with a delightful accent. Buy the book to understand more!

So here we are not two years later and Carla has done it. Written, produced it, had it printed (very simply no smash or kindle or highly priced author service) just simply done it!



Carla’s scribbles were written for family and friends and I so admire her for “just doing it”. She is offering purchase in person for cash if you are her friend in Holland or here in Moshi Tanzania and by paypal for others. Simple, neat and effective and she is a published author within two years.

I know, I know, I hear you, vanity publishing, no professional editing, blah blah … but sometimes you know what the little guy stands up and beats all us imagesnoisy guys and it makes my tummy clench and my mouth wriggle and I love her for it.


Shared here for no more than a private accolade to a wonderful and talented person who is a very good friend to me here in Tanzania and listens to my innermost confessions of the crazy of my life here (she knows of the antics of my alter ego “Ghillioooooon” who shall remain secret to all but a few).

11053063_376008379273280_5289796899494053097_n (1)


If you would like to purchase a copy of the book for the princely total of €15 inc p and p  (what fun if this went viral) you will need to contact me via comments or search on FB for Just For Fun From Tanzania page

 Finally on a very personal note this post is dedicated to Laura Oppenheimer as a life lesson – Memoirs Laura, just do it!


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