June 18th 2014 – RIP Thomas

I have a deeply personal and selfish interest in ensuring the loss of this young man’s life is marked in some way. It is OK to continue to miss someone and it is OK to mark the passing days, weeks, months and even decades.

On June 22nd last year I posted Sh** Shouldnt Happen in memory of Thomas, a young boy who lost the right to life just 15 years after being born with a hole in his heart. This has played on mind for the past few weeks.

Who remembered Thomas, who laid flowers at his grave? I don’t know, I truly don’t. But I do know life here is tough and the loss of life is accepted as more common.

Sh** – what I am saying is that the laissez – faire attitude I refer to regarding education – well you get my drift? I cannot spell it out.

And so for me, I pay tribute here today to a young man I never had the honour of meeting, I pay tribute in the only way I could then and only way I can now:


Thomas, cheated out of life so young,

A warrior, in a battle too long.

His time has come. We know not why,

Taken from us with no time for goodbye,

Yet amongst the children of Good Hope we know,

Your spirit will live long, your memory never die.

For your courage is a lesson and in our hearts it is sown,

When our lives seem hard and our spirits are low,

We will remember our friend Thomas and the courage he showed.

To Bibi we can only say,

Your love for Thomas will always stay.

Remember the good times, remember the smiles,

Remember his courage as you travelled the miles.

Let the angels take charge now, for that is their role,

Sleep easy in the knowledge they will cherish his soul.

Bibi, the people of Good Hope will always be here

To offer their support and love and care.

Goodbye Thomas, you will surely be missed

We offer our love and send you a heavenly kiss.



19th June 2014

Yeah I say again:



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