Hello and welcome from Bergen, Norway.

As promised today we feature Maiko, winner of last year’s creative writing competition with two pieces one from last year and on more recent unsolicited story written for Teacher Gill! Enjoy my friends.

Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015
Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015

The Elephant

by Maiko Boniface Joseph

Written 21st August 2014

Maiko and Amina stood frozen in fear as an elephant stepped out of the shadows. It waded into the pond and dipped its trunk into the water.

“Oh, wow,” said Amina. “ Wow!”

A spray of water rained down on them. It came from behind. Maiko breathed a sigh of relief, the elephant wasn’t going to chase them eat them. Still the elephant was huge.

“Let’s sneak away.” said Maiko.

“But I want to watch,” said Amina.

“Fine” said Maiko, he was tired of Amina getting sidetracked. “I’m going to solve the riddle by myself. I’ll meet you back at the tree house,” he turned to go.

Amina shouted with surprise and Maiko looked back, the elephant’s  trunk was pointed straight at Amina.

“Cool!” She cried. “He’s giving me a shower! Cool!”  The elephant sprayed her again and again, the mud slowly rolled off her face, her braids, her T-shirt, her shorts, her legs and her sneakers.

“I guess the elephant doesn’t like dirty kids!” Said Amina laughing, her eyes were squeezed shut. Finally she was clean and soaking wet. “Now it’s your turn,” she said to Maiko. He stepped forward and shut his eyes tight.

A blast of water hit him. It did feel like a shower, a strong shower. When Maiko was clean the elephant let out a grunt then he started to splash himself with water

“Thanks!” called Amina.

“Yeah, thanks!” Said Maiko.

“I’m spick – and span now,” said Amina.


Editing of the original story courtesy of Adele Symonds, professional editor, friend and 2014 competition judge of Class A of the Good Hope Organisation




A story by Michael Joseph Boniface

June 2015

Maiko and Gill were walking home from the grocery store. Maiko’s backpack was heavy. It contained a big jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread.

“Are you going to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” said Gill. “Or a peanut butter sandwich?”

Maiko started to answer, but stopped. “Oh man,” he whispered.

“What is it?” said Gill.

“Look at that.” Maiko answered, pointing to the edge of the Frog Creek woods. In the shadows stood a small, delicate animal, it looked like a tiny deer.

“It’s a sign,” Gill whispered. “Remember when we saw the rabbit? He was a sign of the Wild West.” At that moment the deer-like creature leaped into the woods.

Maiko and Gill didn’t stop to think, they followed as fast as they could. Maiko’s heavy pack thumped against his back as he ran. Finally they stopped and looked around.

“Where did she go?” Maiko said.

“I don’t see her,” answered Gill. Then she looked up. “Wow!” She pointed up into the trees to a magic treehouse.



Clearly Maiko has a fascination with the concept of a tree house, I believe this comes from a series of reading books I brough back to Good Hope last year courtesy of very good friends Mick and Sheila Gibbings, Trog and the … One day I would love to expand Michael’s writing abilities and encourage a longer story but for now he must study hard at secondary school and follow their curriculum, story writing will be for the holidays for now.

Congratulations to Maiko on his first published writing.

I hope you enjoyed his simple stories that say so much.



    1. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. The kids will truly be blown away to see that people have read their work. I cannot wait to see Maiko’s face when I show him this!! Loads of love from the aspiring writers of Good Hope Moshi, Tanzania (that includes me!)

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  1. It was my absolute pleasure to judge last years competition and to read all the stories the children wrote. Maiko’s stood out for me above the others although it was quite tight at first between this and one other. The deciding factor in the end was the use of the English language and grasp of English grammar as this is something all the kids have been working hard on, English is a second language and does not come naturally, I feel it is one of the harder languages to learn and I am impressed with all the children and their grasp of our language. I find children are natural storytellers so in the end the story content of the two best stories had to come second to the technical side.
    I wish Maiko well in his secondary education and look forward to every update I receive about every child at Good Hope and who has been through Good Hope. My heart is with you all.
    I am not editing as much as I used to any more but would love to continue the competition as a tradition for Good Hope. I will offer the same prize of a professional edit of the the winning story for any future competition and would be pleased to be the judge or one of the judges.
    Take care one and all, I love you from afar.

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