Stumbled across this anniversary post as sitting in Bergen Norway in my son’s home, watching the rain fall outside and starting to think about preparations to return to Moshi in two week’s time.

How weird that I was feeling similarly reflective at this time last year!

Gillswriting - Life with a Dotty Old Bat and her Suitcase

Good Morning World.

It is 1oth August 2014 and my mind is continually drawn to the fact that I am fast approaching my one year anniversary of the big adventure. I will have been in Tanzania for a year on the 12th September and so I thought I would while away a few hours, on this cloudy day that will blossom into a perfect sunny early 80° farenheit later, by seeing where I was at on this day last year. On the 18th August 2013 I talked of the Trepidation Beast riding my back as my planned trip became a reality:

The nerves have kicked in! Now that it is a fact not a plan and the flights are booked, the trepidation monster has risen been riding my back like a good ‘un!

Can I do this? Will I cope? How will I deal with being in a dormitory along…

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2 thoughts on “A Year In Tanzania (Almost)

  1. Hi,
    Are you a travel blogger? I just returned from a month in Europe and will head to the eastern part of the world next year. I met you on Chris’s blog. I am glad you liked my post about using Pinterest to help writers. Nice to meet you.

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    1. Hi Janice, no I am a totally unprofessional not sure what I’m doing but I like it blogger! Seriously I started the blog to support my writing but my life sort of took over the space. I am volunteering in East Africa right now and that gives a broad base for alot of my posts. Looking at your blog fills me with trepidation, all the things I know I should be doing and aren’t! xxx

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