Hello again my friends.

How refreshing to be back, positively therapeutic with all the benefits of a boot camp without the physical stress, refreshed, energised, renewed and with returning strength.

bootcamp 2

This brief comment (I gave this title a lot of thought as it started life as “explaination” only for me to realise I am not comfortable laying bare all the reasons for my absence and so “comment” fits the bill) comes by way of a Thank You to all of you for your immediate acceptance of me back into your very cramped and busy virtual lives. The responses, comments, likes and encouragement I received since my last post leave me feeling very humble and grateful to you all.


Where have I been?

Out in the wilderness of the Writer’s World, I found myself expelled for no apparent reason but the best that comes to mind on reflection, is overload. I think I allowed my life and my responsibilities to become too large for aging shoulders such as mine. Personally, work wise and emotionally I became overloaded and simply shut down, or was it a melt down? The image of my body morphing into a sticky, gooey, jelly like substance in a puddle on the floor appeals to my over developed imagination.

In reality I left Tanzania on November 25th 2015 expecting to conclude legal issues in Spain, to spend Christmas with the family in Norway and return to Moshi in January 2016 – best laid plans and all that jazz. The said legal issues had developed tumours the size of boulders and no one had thought to inform me prior to my arrival in Spain and the reality was a twelve week delay until February 17th. During that enforced rest period I fluctuated between Norway (cold and dark as reported) Spain (unseasonably warm and sunny) and England (grey and cold).

In all instances I met with loving friends and family without whom I would have floundered further into the wilderness and sunk into the dark place of no return.

What did I discover during that enforced period of limbo?

That I need to spend time with the family in Norway. The grandkids, my son and my daughter in law’s company rejuvenate me. My wonderful daughter in law Maddie has, I believe, secret aspirations to be a screen writer because she has a penchant for setting Mother in law challenges that bear no heed to my aging years or loss of balance / co-ordination as time goes by. I refer to a skiing trip and her desire to set me atop six foot long (maybe I exaggerate but that’s how they felt) slippery pieces of wood that five and six year olds can manoeuvre perfectly! More on that another time but bless her for her undying faith in my abilities to tackle anything.

My son’s insistence on being my protector reduces me to my former young days of being given direction in the lessons of life and the grandkids … well they just keep me young at heart.

As I write this I am bouncing from Norway to England and back to Norway again for Easter. After which I will be back in Spain for a final few days and then, finally, I return to Moshi Tanzania for a three month wind down and closure of that chapter of my life. When I leave Moshi it must be with a job and plans to remain in one place for at least a year, where will that job or residence be?

world is oyster
The World IS my oyster

I will let you know when I know! Suffice it so say I will go where the job takes me and who knows what this may entail. Maybe it will be research for a second book in St Lucia basking on a beach, or maybe it will be a job in the what is now called “third sector” where my experience of the past two plus years and my passionate belief in the need to educate and empower the youth of today in all countries of the world including the impoverished will be of use to society in some way.


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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