It is possible to lose many things.

We all mislay things (what an appropriate word mis(s)-lay). I once put the newly purchased jar of coffee in the washing machine, the ultimate mislay and my excuse is that I was in the throes of withdrawal having just given up smoking. Yes it was aeons ago so no senility involved.


I think we all accept and understand the concept of permanently losing small things, single socks being the most common, and the incumbent tales of the borrowers etc.

We lose people we love, we lose confidence in people and things, we lose our memory and we also lose our marbles as we get older!

We all lose track of time and find ourselves at a destination without remembering the journey or being so absorbed in something we miss an appointment or a meal. You do that don’t you? Please tell me you do!


But losing a month of our lives?

Hmmm… that is worrying but it has happened.

Did anyone see September 2016 because I didn’t!

August I can account for and it was the start of the slippery slope to September’s loss, with the proverbial hindsight glasses firmly attached to eyes I can see that clearly. But September itself?

A dark blur tinges with predatory hints of red. That’s it!


The good news is that October is upon us and I am fully cognisant of its presence. This is stupendous, horn blowing, klaxon blaring news.

Well it is for me anyhow!

But for you, the patient reader?

I know you are shrugging and sighing, thoughts of “here we again” are flitting across your consciousness but what can I do or say?

Here we go again.jpg

You guessed it!

Hey folks I am back and please stay in touch because there is tons of action to come.

Final image for loss.jpg


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