Dear Beloved Family, Friends and Readers,


Chasing down the answer to this question has led to a reform of these hallowed pages, I hope you like my new look and the title sums it all up I think:

Life With a Dotty Old Bat and her Suitcase

Enjoy, my friends and let me know if you like my new wardrobe, I took a long time dressing these pages!


I think the the headlines among my friends and family read along these lines of late:




Or maybe I am not as important as I imagine and my absence is becoming accepted and no longer such an issue. However the questions begs an answer.

“Where the hell am I now…”

It needs answering, as much for me as for you, my beloved family, friends and readers. It is a two sided question (OUCH! That was a pinch, a hard one right on my conscience plexus in the fatty tissue of blog posts I meant to write):

What is driving my life in Tanzania right now?

Where am I on the journey to be published?

This two sided coin may be  a humongous one or a one cent; it depends on your perspective. But the facts remain the same for both sides.

Fact – I have been floating in the Bay of Indecision for some time now.

NB: This is a small, fairly calm and mostly idyllic bay that borders the Land of Clear Direction, Forest of Lost Souls and Region of Hope and Perseverance. The bay itself opens out onto the well documented and turbulent Sea of Despair.

world is oyster
World as an Oyster

How long have I been languishing (or shipwrecked here)? You see, it is a perspective thing!

It has been for a few small moments or for several aeons, or I could simply say since April 2nd this year and my latest trip to Moshi. I know I have spent some considerable time in the Forest of Lost Souls, a fair amount of time in the Region of Hope and Perseverance and a ginormous millisecond of never in the Land of Clear Direction. I am also honest enough to know that some of the time I was languishing in the calm waters of the Bay were both self-indulgent and selfish.

So where am I now??

What is driving my life in Tanzania right now?

A quest to directly help two small, grass roots children’s organisations here in Moshi, Sustainable Vision and Kyaro. Both of which I consider to be driven by true and pure incentives to genuinely help children. Alongside this I strive to provide a mechanism for helping and assisting individual families operating outside the sphere of international support for no other reason than they struggle to cope and survive on their own. Most typically (but by no means exclusively) I focus on the plethora of single mothers struggling to bring up their children to be responsible god fearing adults with the benefit of education behind them. Definite future posts here.

In short, I want to spread the impact, inspiration and financial support I can generate (with your help of course beloved readers) to highlight the needs of both worthy organisations and individual families/people.

Yep, I think that is my one sentence summary, or forty second / word pitch in answer to the burning question which is really, no holds barred now:

“Why are you still in Tanzania Gill?”

Haha I checked and it is 31 words – which is a first for me to be below the specified word count. Which I believe, leads me smoothly onto number two.

Where am I on the journey to be published?

The book, as in THE book, is finished on one level; I am holding my breath as I know this one is coming (OUCH! That was a big pinch on my conscience plexus of blog posts I meant to write). That level being, the first five chapters are ready for submission to agents and publishers.

There I have done it, it is written and therefore/ergo it is fact. Phew!

The blog post that has evaded me and you is the question:

Is it (the book) or indeed anything, as good as it can be?

We are in summary mode (Gill’s version of summary anyway) so that will do.

The writing? This is where I have drifted dangerously close to the Sea of Despair and spent an inordinate number of nights in the very heart of the Forest of Lost Souls where I camped out (in a lodge no less, no tent for me) within the Mausoleum of Lost  Words.

Mausoleum of Lost Words

But… I am back and well and truly established in the Region of Hope and Perseverance and in case the Doubt Monster wants to ride my back again, I will say it out loud and thus make it fact.

I am a writer!

Stick with me my beloved family, friends and readers, plenty more to come!



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