One, one thousand – two, one thousand – three, one thous…

Whatever the childhood chant the fact remains the same – ten seconds is the blink of an eye and yet ten seconds is all it takes to alter your perspective, change your mood and even your direction. The power of the ten seconds has been around for as long as the world itself but today, in a high speed world where life is powered by SM (SM no longer conjures images of Miss Whiplash or even Christian Grey, nowadays everyone understands Social Media) it is gaining impetus and is a world leader in influencing our daily lives.


Ten seconds, we have all experienced it and many (including me) have pronounced it to be fate, destiny, spooky, frightening or just plain unbelievable. Equally, many of us absorb it without thought or question and continue on our travels with no idea of what changed our mood, mind or direction. Did you register the header of this post? Did it touch your heart?

Ten seconds of “our song” blasting from unseen speakers unbidden, unwanted and completely unexpected. Example: Once, Twice, Three times a lady blasting out across the dining hall of 120 street kids and various staff, families and local dignitaries in Moshi, Tanzania where the musical flavour of the moment is Bongo, Hip Hop, Rap and Reggae. I admit they do still favour Celine Dion. But Lionel Ritchie in the mix and just this one song? Spooky.

Diamond – One of Tanzania’s Leading Musicians

That spine chilling tune from a loved one’s funeral suddenly spewing forth from the car radio, again unwanted, uncalled for and completely inappropriate as you rush to drop off the kids or get to work on time.

Music has been the mighty lion in the ten second jungle for an indeterminate and infinitesimal number of decades, years, moments, minutes and seconds.

Ten seconds, that was all it took, checking the FB sound bites on the mobile as I wake and go about my morning rituals and ablutions – when did opening e-mails and FB before I have even reached the bathroom become a part of life I now wonder?

My wonderful friend has shared a memory, wow, I must look and so one deft double tap and a few seconds wait then:


One year ago today sings the leader board topping my all-time favourite photo of my lovely, crazy, fellow travel lover Daphne. A year since I saw this picture for the first time and felt the cold steel stab from the sword of faraway friendship? Never, the mighty FB must have got it wrong.

Cruising around Cuba

Ten seconds and my mood dropped, my sense of purpose waned and the melancholy beast unleashed its claws and gashed my heart with loneliness for my friends and family. A year ago today, and what have I done since? I asked myself.

The prevalence of SM in our lives is a phenomenal influence, we all have the serial posting friend (and I mean serial as in perpetual not snap crackle and pop cereal), the political advocate with views and opinion polls and links to worldwide events, the baby, the cat, the dog and the state of their relationship poster. You, me and ninety per cent of the people sitting close to you right now are all in one of those categories and we all tune into one another and absorb each other’s influences.

My wham bang moment in seeing how a year had gone by in a ten second blink of the eye made me reflect and ponder, that’s all. No statement being made just having a ponder!

Here are a selection of ten seconds reads that could resonate and alter your focus, all are garnered from a 12 hour FB posting period under my own home button and a few Whatsapp images for good measure, for all re-posts here I offer my thanks to the original FB/Whatsapp friend who posted and a hug and kiss to my good friend Daphne for causing the ponder.

Just this morning – Cheers Sue

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, one to give you a ten second “make you smile” boost as donated by the ever lovely Mama Alice.


See y’all soon xxx


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