Sometimes it’s obvious…

a little girl sat on a dusty floor, her clothes filthy with the dirt of her environment, her eyes imploring and her smile questioning.



it’s the undeniable facts of life in a largely poverty-stricken country where education is hard to come by and often ineffective for the individual kids crowded four or five on a bench meant for three in a classroom of fifty plus.


In my three years in placid and languid Moshi, Tanzania I have shared all of these and more with most of you reading these words today, you know some of the tales and frustrations of life here, you have shared. Good times and bad.

After three years living and working in the midst of the issues you develop armour, your heart hardens just a little; you have to in order to survive. You accept that you have done and are doing your best and the mantra of one life at a time repeats in your subconscious almost unnoticed.


But sometimes…

It can be in the cut of a face, the hard, handsome features chiseled out of a life of striving, providing and protecting her children. It can be in the set of the shoulders, the inherent pride and strength when she has catches you looking and musters the strength to pull them back and stand tall.


It can be in an underlying atmosphere running like an electric current in the air around the people at the confirmation party, silent but threatening. It can be in the slight pulling away of the young boy as his Baba (father) takes the place of honour in the garland bedecked plastic chair. It can be all of these things, stirring memories and images of your own, sending out signals you know not everybody can see and feel but when it happens it hits you hard and all the armour falls away in a heap and the emotions rush at you in a tsunami of hurt, longing, anger, frustration and helplessness.



you have simply got to reach out and cry “HELP”.

All I can ask my friends is that you read Mama Fredy’s Story as told by her firstborn daughter:


Try to understand my feelings and thoughts as I attended this young man’s proud confirmation day and dig deep into your heart and pockets. Giving Fredi the chance of boarding school will release his Mama and the whole family will have a new start to their lives and maybe this proud woman can allow herself to soften and live a little.

With Love and with hope, if everyone opened their heart and gave just a little this family’s future would literally be transformed.


3 thoughts on “Alcohol, Abuse and A Strong Mama

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts and support as ever Adele and yep you know me well. This is just one of many I could tell but this Mama and Fredy really broke through my armoured heart! Loving you right back at you my friend xxx


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