The keys stick, the battery doesn’t fit properly and won’t hold a full charge anymore, the mouse’s right hand paw (or button) is stuck… but, it has been with me since the day I embarked on this adventure.

NB: Carla this post is for you as I know you will understand – see the Mr Laptop story in Just For Fun by Carla van Oorschot available from the author direct here.

It came with me to Cyprus for the farewell holiday with my lovely family, it booked the tickets from there, it heard my secret fears in the dead of night, it holds the memories, the challenges, the disappointments and the happiness. It led me to meeting an amazing young man who will remain on the periphery of my life for many years to come and it holds the hurt and pain of the persons I met who will never have a place in my heart or life again. It is perhaps, the only thing I took to Tanzania with me and brought back again 3 years 4 months 3 weeks later.

2014-06-04 05.23.18

But it is tired now and screaming at me for retirement; it has survived the Ugandan hackers, had the IT version of a facelift. It has undergone a transplant with a new, albeit less strong, heart (or hard drive). But it is tired now and thwarts my wordiness with its sticking keys, stabbing at me where it hurts most (the written word). Maybe this is the perfect analogy for my time in Tanzania. Let’s face it – my joints stick a lot and diving through kiddy play hoops at IKEA (as demanded of me last Thursday night) is no longer a flight of elegance but rather a fumbled and hilarious crawl with distinct effort going into the somewhat “embarrassed and trying to hide it” rise to my feet.

My battery is definitely worn down and a seven hour night’s sleep no longer gives the full charge it used to. My own right button or the side of my brain that has the capacity to delete, rename, cut, paste and translate also needs a good hard thump to get it going of late.

Yep, maybe it is time for my learned laptop (and me) to find a new cubbyhole where it can mostly rest and come to life only to replay the memories. But for now it is still a time for trusted and learned companion and I to reflect, sticky keys, sore joints and a defunct mouse to boot. It is time to reflect on those 3 years 4 months and 3 weeks.





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