I am a fifty something working Granny living on the Costa del Sol Spain. That sums me up!

The most important things in my life (in no particular order) are:

  • my husband of 30 plus years
  • my son, my daughter in law and my 3 lovely grandchildren
  • Muttley and Figaro (dog and parrot respectively)
  • my writing
  • being happy
  • my 2 very closeΒ and best ever friends


I want to share my writing experiences with anyone who might find it interesting, but particularly those of you, who, like me are struggling with a creative writing course and feeling a little frustrated.

Hopefully, my experience will motivate others to either, continue trying or not make the mistakes I may have or may make.

I am starting this blog 6 months into my Writers Bureau course but will go back to the beginning to try and recreate the trials and tribulations to date.

My intention is to be light hearted and frivolous but factual and serious all in the same breath!

I welcome input and comments and would love to hear of others experiences.


17 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Oh my goodness! I have never been nominated for such a thing and am a little overawed but thank you so very much for your support. i will look more closely at this later when I have some free time!?! Asante sana as we say here, Many thanks xxx

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    1. Thanks to the follow Millie, I am currently in Tanzania East Africa but Spain was my home for fifteen years, my About Me is a moving target!! Looking forward to more of your posts. Happy writing xxx

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  1. Hi, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. This is such an interesting page. I love writing but sometimes I get disheartened and discouraged for not being acknowledged but I am only learning and this is a process. Being here makes me realize it’s never too late to get started and do what you wanna do. This makes me happy. πŸ™‚

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