I believe that About Me is a rolling target and doesn’t remain static with any person. Hence my need to produce up to date statements of who I am from time to time, plus it is good to look in the mirror every now and then and ask “Who am I?”

Hello, Hujambo, Hola, Hei

I am a forty something Grandmother living and working as  volunteer in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, East africa.

 OK, OK I know I was a fifty something Granny in my two  previous About Me profiles but that’s how I feel now – ten  years shaved off – get it?

I am still in a phase of no fixed abode, however, I am not quite so cavalier about that anymore. I suppose I would rather describe myself as in a “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” phase.



 In order of random organisation!

  • Paul, Maddie, Stephany Jade, Skylar and Damien Sainsbury – Son, Daughter in Law and Grandkids (Oh and Flocken, their part lynx cat that I adore). Always has been always will be number one.
  •  Good Hope Support Organisation and the 35 vulnerable kids they have successfully raised sponsorship for and are currently in education programmes, together with the 26 plus kids attending GH’s free school every day in the hope of sponsorship and the 19 plus local community sick and needy patients that GH tend to via home visits.
  •  The fulfillment of my dream to become a published author. Forgive the graphic detail but I need to give birth to the book I have laboured over for two years now and there are lesser twins waiting in the womb clamouring for their own creation.
  •  The many true friends I have now, those that I have lost to the great end game of life and those I still have to meet. I love the way this line in my priorities has developed
  •  To continue to live with no regrets. A new one I have just learned.
  •  Moving forward with my life. Simple but true statement and I am very grateful to my life in Tanzania for getting me to this point.



I am still figuring this one out!

OK, when I started blogging back in July 2011 (my before life) I summed it up in the by line Gill’s journey to be published and it is as simple (or as complicated) as that.

But yes, I agree with the About Me of Jan 2014 – it is a place for me to remember. However I would now re phrase and say it is a place for me to reflect and celebrate on my life’s journey so far.

For sure as stated in the original About Me of 2011 and re-iterated in 2014 – the over riding tone of my posts are intended to be light hearted, frivolous, factual and serious all in the same breath.

Is it about promoting myself as an author? I doubt it, I won’t give up the writing for me aspect of these hallowed halls and so, when the day comes, I suppose there will need to be another site for the professional promotion of the author me. Whether that author will launch as Gill Sainsbury, Gilly S, GillSains or within a hidden identity and pen name ( already developed but not decided ). Maybe ABOUT ME 2016 will answer that question!

For now, that’s me!

If this is your first trip within these crazily hallowed halls, don’t run for the hills, please stick around, it can be a fun ride and the more the merrier.

Comments, likes and votes please they are the life blood of the blogging me.

Be happy and grateful every moment of every day my friends,

With love,

Gill xxx






8 thoughts on “About Me April 2015

    1. Thanks and welcome I will take a peek at your site with interest and congratulations on progressing with your book, it’s tough to get to that point or should I say tough to let others take a look at your baby!

      Liked by 1 person

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