Life Turning On A Sixpence Revisited

Back in 2013, I shared my father´s words with you all. Those words were spoken way back in the deepest, darkest when of my past:

Life can turn on a sixpence

One month later I was reviewing that statement and decided to revise it to:

Life pirouettes on a sixpence

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At that time, I had suddenly and unexpectedly reached a point when I could fulfil what had long been my secret wish, go and volunteer with kids in Africa. Four months later I was there and so, yes, I think “pirouettes” is appropriate.

Here we are exactly five years later and once again my life has clambered up on top of that sixpence and taken the ride.

I think, if you have read my recent posts, you will have guessed at my difficulties in readjusting to my former life in the western world. Being closer to my family and friends is fantastic. Being back in the rat race of sales and marketing, a thousand times less so. In short, being at the sharp end of the commercial world, in a sales environment, which by virtue of its function, must be materialistic and money-driven, was suffocating my sense of worth and therefore happiness.

But, at my age, what options are there? I have always been in sales, and always, for me, is an aeon. Grandmothers who are fast approaching the big six-oh don´t start new careers.

Looking back on those thoughts I suppose you and others would counter that statement with:

Grandmothers who are fast approaching the big six-oh don´t pack up their lives and toddle off to East Africa for three and a half years either!

So here I am pirouetting once more, seeking a sense of fulfilment in my daily life by finding a way that I can give of myself to other people.

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As of Friday 25th May 2018 (my lovely grandson Skylar´s very important thirteenth birthday) I successfully completed my induction training, received the all-clear from all the relevant police authorities that needed to sign off on my DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) forms and last but very definitely not least had all my professional and personal references verified and in place (massive thanks to John, Sheila, Mama A and all others involved). I am cleared as ready for placement by my new employer. My role is that of a Professional Live In Carer and more excited I couldn´t be. I will be working in the UK on a two-weeks on two weeks off shift, living in the home of an elderly person who will benefit from a twenty-four-hour care regime. The company typically works with dementia, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis clients.


The recruitment has been in-depth and the training comprehensive, intensive and thorough. I realise how privileged I am, as a newbie with zero professional care or nursing expertise, to have been accepted by one of the leading live in care providers in the UK. Many didn´t get through the recruitment process.

Five years ago, I was lost, I was maintaining a face to the world which covered the reality of deep unhappiness and a total and absolute fear of the future.

At the start of 2018, I was in exactly the same place. My everyday face was undoubtedly happier than back in 2013, but the lack of fulfilment was creating the core unhappiness and once again I could not see a future.

Once more the cogs have turned, the Gods have moved the pieces, the universe has responded to my desire to help people or maybe an individual God shot an arrow from his bow, I don´t know how it works “up there”. What I do know is that there is something or someone looking out for me and moving the pieces.

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For the first time in my life I was sacked, let go, asked to leave or whatever the politically correct term is nowadays and therefore pushed into the path of job hunting by necessity. Several of my friends gently steered me to look at the possibility of care work. As ever, I was reluctant, dubious and doubtful but as always, those good friends boosted my confidence and gently pushed me to at least try.

Oh, boy am I happy that they did.

This past week´s training has filled me with excitement, confidence and belief. I can do this and I will work hard, gain those oh so necessary pieces of paper and advance my abilities to care for others.

What a pirouette this has been, finding myself out of work (yippee, the best thing that ever could have happened), stumbling, as in my immediate response, being picked up and put back on the sixpence by those wonderful friends and succeeding to get through the recruitment and training process.

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Moral of the story my friends, take my lovely old Dad´s words seriously and have faith, you will find the right path in life and remember:

Life can turn on a sixpence.