Life, Value, Frustrations and Help


It has been a long hard ten months since I left my adopted home in Moshi, Tanzania and I have avoided these pages not knowing what or how to express that fact. I think, in summary (now that I am over the worst and settling down to my new western life) I would say it is dealing with the sense of worthlessness of my life here, feeling as if I have no value. As many of my posts from Moshi talked about I was making a miniscule, but to me huge, difference and was able to impact directly on others´ lives.

I know I owe you all more and I hope that I will find the keys to the Writer´s World once more and inhabit these pages with tales of my now life very soon. But for now…

“One day Baba (Daddy) threatened to kill Mama and said he doesn’t care if she leaves him. This pains Mama so much but she cannot leave while Fredi still needs her support after school every day.”


It started as I was invited with my co volunteer friend Laura to attend Fredi´s confirmation. We sat as guests of honour and watched a drama unfold. A drama where Fredi´s Mama worked and slaved to give her son a day to be proud of.


A day that ended in the middle of the night when Fredi´s father stormed into the room where the women and children slept with a machete in his hand and alcohol in his belly and threw them all out to sleep in the gutter of the dusty road.

And so I asked Fredi´s older sister to share the tale of her Mama with me (her words above).
I asked you to help and you did.
WE sent Fredi school.


WE rescued Mama and allowed her to walk away from these daily threats.
Mama Fredi, his sister Sarah and other connected people send you all a thousand prayers for happiness for all that you have done but we started on a road and we must walk it to the end.

Year 1 at secondary school was the start and sending Fredi to school enabled Mama Fredi to start a new life away from the abuse.

But now it is time for me to invade your Christmas cheer and ask you to dig deep into your hearts once more and help me continue along this path and to raise Year 2 school fees.


€678 (1,800,000 TZS) will secure a second year´s education at Northern Highland Boarding School Moshi Tanzania. Fees are due by the start of 2018 January term. The cost of a box of crackers, christmas cards, a bottle of christmas cheer or whatever you can afford really will make the world of difference.
My name is Gill and I worked and lived as a volunteer in Tanzania, East Africa for three and a half years from Sept 2013 to March 2017. I have many tales to tell and tears to shed but today I talk about this one family and what we have done and can continue to do, to rescue them.
My thanks and love to everyone reading this far, like, share, donate and help – please. xxxx