Chapter and Verse Spring 2011 I Must Have …

My Dear Gerald,

With all due respect, I think a word of admonishment is in order for your e-mail regarding my requirement for pomegranates in my dressing room.

 You are , may I remind you, a representative of Channel 9, that same channel that has indicated near desperation in soliciting my appearance on your renowned “Life – The Weird, Wonderful and Extraordinary” series. I understand from Ms Branston ( your producer and, I suspect, superior) that your intention is to provide a contrast and more realistic picture of the life and works of a medium, to the cloyingly sickly sweet approach of the somehow popular “Mystic Meg” series. Indeed your e-mail is signed showing you to be part of the programmes Research and Development team. My dear fellow in future do your research.

However, I sense from the e-mail a young man, somewhat harried by the demands of his job and as such I am feeling magnanimous and will indeed explain my request to you.

 The pomegranate has long been renowned as a symbol and reference of the after life, it is, after all, the sacred fruit of Persephone, the daughter of the underworld in Greek mythology. The story is that Hades made the captured Persephone eat 6 pomegranate seeds thus ensuring her return to Hades for 6 months of each year, hence the fruits season.

Indeed within Christianity, the open or broken pomegranate is recognised as a symbol of Jesus’ suffering and resurrection. Within Greek culture pomegranate seeds play a part in the ceremony of the funeral.

 More specifically in relation to me, it is the symbol shown to me at the time of my first ever psychic experience by my much loved and dearly departed grandfather. He first came to me when I was 9, insistent that I should run amok within my household and do anything and everything in my young boys power to ensure that my mother’s latest beau would not feel welcome and want to wheedle his way further into her affections. He taught me to use the ritual of breaking open a pomegranate as a gateway to communicate my need to speak with him.

 Nowadays I rarely need the pomegranate ritual as an aid to communication, I have many, many psychic souls within my reach. However, this is big first for me. Television is a media that I have always shied away from, believing that live appearances are the best way to spread the words of the recently departed to their loved ones.

 So, Gerald, in the interest of the success of the programme, I shall assume that my request will be fulfilled. In fact I would now like to add a further request in as much as I would like you to bring me my pomegranates, in person, together with a fruit knife, no later than 30 minutes before my scheduled appearance.

 Incidentally, in case you are left wondering, I did successfully chase of my mothers beau, my tactics are a tale for another day, but it was just 18 months later that I overheard my mother telling her best friend the tale of her sons violent dislike of the same gentleman. That same gentleman was currently headline news as he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 3 wife’s, all having taken out very healthy life insurance policies!

Best Regards,

Vincent de Serra – Granada Spain


Writers Bureau Monthly Competition February 2012

Winning entry – A love story in 500 words or less

First Love – 49 words

“Hi.” He sat – eyes on his trainers.

“Hi.” She glanced up from under her fringe.

He surveyed the park for his mates, sneakily drinking her in, edging closer.

She fiddled with a stick of gum, ripping it in half. She handed him half. They’re eyes locked, she smiled.



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