Farewell 2014

2015 approaches and the rash of social media generated reviews of the year are upon us.

I will not bore you with the lovely WordPress review of my blogging career for it is of no import to anyone but me. But I do note the most viewed page, Life can Turn On A Sixpence, with interest and thank the stats for taking me back to that wonderful memory of a wonderful man, my dad and that pivotal time in my journey.

Also tucked away in the stats was reference to a November 2012 post about my first ever Nano and the start of my first novel. It is here I focus my goodbye to 2014 post for you all. I will not reflect on the year, amazing and fulfilling as it has been but this past month has also seen the grief dragon rise and attack with a vengeance that has threatened to slay me at times. It seems my subconscious will not allow me peace until I live through and recall the horrors of a certain Christmas of two years past, maybe acceptance of the bad times as well as the good is all part of the process. I don’t know only time and maybe Scrooge can tell.

I do know that the grief dragon was felled at the last  hurdle by the love and friendships that I have made in my new skin, the single me that came to Tanzania to find out if she could ever expect to have a life and future without the Big Man at her side. That person rose as Mama Christmas and delivered a Christmas day party to be remembered by the kids of Good Hope for years to come. That day was orchestrated with the help and support of a wonderful new friend Daphne who, without knowing it, became my Knight in shining armour and helped slay the grief dragon. It was with Daphne that I spent an amazing Christmas day, tucked in the foothills of Mount Meru enjoying the luxury and pampering of a four star lodge and discovering a new scrabble and backgammon partner. This was a gift from Daphne, my good friend and house-mate Jen and the Mama of Good Hope. I think they must have sensed the dragon!

Christmas Breakfast
Christmas Breakfast


Mama Christmas
Christmas Dinner – Daphne







It is this generosity and friendship that have brought me to the conclusion that 2015 is about looking forward not back, because now I know I have a future. I thank you ladies for that gift.

So that November post Finding Fadila – the first 500 words is my focus. Those 500 words are no longer the opening chapter of this epic tale and Finding Fadila is no longer the title (although in my heart it will always be Finding Fadila) the current title of commercially viable choice is The Big Sleep.

My Farewell to 2014 blog post will celebrate my future and give you, my avid reader and follower, a unique glimpse into the world I inhabit on a regular basis. It is the land of fantasy where my two main characters, Abbas and Wayne, meet and become soul mates and friends. It is a tale these two men’s search for true love and happiness and it spans centuries because Abbas is a thirteenth century Berber trapped in the foul smelling world of 2014.

Imagined Image of Abbas' Father Emir of Granada, Mohammed I ibn Nasr
Imagined Image of Abbas’ Father Emir of Granada, Mohammed I ibn Nasr

Wayne is a home grown Aussie lad straight from a sheep station out yonder, he has fled to Spain after walking away from the altar on his own wedding day. It is under the watchful eye of the majestic Monumento del Turista in Torremolinos that the two meet and it is from there that we learn their stories.

Wayne - imagined image
Wayne – imagined image

My New Year’s Eve will be spent in the company of these men, both of whom I have come to love. I will write their futures and find their destiny for there is only one happy ending in my tale and as yet I am not sure which man will find it.

This is a perfect way to see in the New Year. I will be solitary by choice and I will challenge myself to see in 2015 at this place, fingers poised over this keyboard. It is a celebration of what I will become, an author, a writer of stories, a story teller. This is my 2015 and here is a snippet of that future. The Big Sleep – draft chapter four.

new-year 2015

I give this to you all with love and thankfulness and joy – Happy New Year.